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JKS Greasable Heavy Duty Boomerang Rear Shackles have been a staple of the off-roading and desert racing world for decades! Boomerang shackles, due to their unique shape, allow the leaf spring eye to travel dramatically farther up and around the back of the vehicle in extreme articulation conditions, resulting in full compression and extension of the leaf springs.
No matter the type of off-roading you are doing, your XJ or MJ, the stock shackles and bushings are surely not up to the task. These heavy duty shackles from JKS an extremely strong, fabricated steel design that are up to the task of off-roading or desert racing. Dura-Thane bushings are greasable thru the zerk fitting on the shackle to provide long life and quiet operation.


Kit Fits:

  • 1984-2001 Jeep XJ Cherokee
  • 1986-1992 Jeep MJ Comanche


Kit Includes:

  • Complete Shackle Assemblies (pair)



  • These shackles are a direct, bolt-on replacement for stock XJ & MJ shackles.
  • Shackles measure 5” from center-to-center in comparison to th 3” center-to-center of stock shackles.
  • We are not able to tell you how much lift – if any – that these shackles will provide, because we do not know what shackles your vehicle is currently equipped with.
    Rule of thumb: take the difference in length of your shackle’s C-C and our shackle’s 5” C-C, divide that number in half and that will be the approximate lift amount these shackles will provide.
  • Components are finished in gold zinc plating.

XJ/MJ Rear Boomerang Shackles

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